The Eric Mangini Project Revisited

Posted: 7th November 2009 by Malcolm Mathers in NFL
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There is nothing in life that I hate more than a hypocrite. As this crazy season keeps on spinning further and further out of control there appears to be many of them. It's confession time. Not long after the Browns hired Eric Mangini I went against my gut feeling thatáhiring Manginiáwas huge mistake and penned a article by the name off "The Eric Mangini Project" opining why, after much deliberation,áI feltáMangini might turn out to be a good coach. I wish I can at least pretendáthat I was underáthe guise of "The Almighty Blogger", that like so many of my fellow bloggers Iáthought Iásupposedly new better than the average dude rocking a Lee Suggs jersey. Unfortunately, in my case it was sheer stupid Cleveland sports fan bias. I knew Mangini was a terrible coach after closely followi ...

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