The Case for Kenny Smith(s)

Posted: 22nd October 2009 by Steve Swearengin in NFL
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Derrick Johnson, Larry Johnson, and I think even Magic Johnson were said to be on the Chiefs "chopping" block approaching the trade deadline.á As Oct. 20 came and went, the Chiefs were left with only one pre-deadline transaction.á The Chiefs ended up trading Nose Tackle Tank Tyler to the Carolina Panthers for a fifth-round 2010 pick in the draft.á Yaaawwwnnnnnn.á Where were the fireworks, where was the Derrick Johnson trade or even a Larry Johnson blockbuster?á Yaaawwwwnn. Then it happened, as if on-cue. The Chiefs' brass chose not to let the fans down, chose not to let the team down.á Instead they chose to make a move that would help the Chiefs, not next year but this year!á Ladies and gentleman, we've got him...Kenny Smith everyone!à...

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