The 12 Games the NFL May Have Fixed During the 2009 Season

Posted: 29th December 2009 by Brian Tuohy in NFL
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A vast majority of NFL fans believe the league is beyond reproach.á Something as simple as a football game, these fans feel, cannot be fixed. Some would claim too many people would be ôin the knowö for such a conspiracy to remain secret.á Others would argue that this sort of subterfuge is unnecessary, that ôrandomnessö is all the NFL needs to rely upon for success.á Most, perhaps, would simply say this sort of scenario is impossible. Who can control how the ball bounces?á How could momentum be created artificially?á Who would have the foresight to script all of the ups and downs in a typical season? It is true; upsets occur.á Great teams have off days, turning assumed blowouts into nail-biters.á Unlikely circumstances can lead to inevitable matchups. But does all of the NFLÆs s ...

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Article written by Brian Tuohy

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