Terrell Owens vs. The Media: The “Reality” Of It

Posted: 30th September 2009 by Eddie Garrison in NFL
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So now Terrell Owens feels as though he is being baited by the media. Really, T.O.? LetÆs take a look at this just a little closer, shall we? The new Bills wide receiverùafter offering upáwhat could onlyábe described as sarcastic junior high playground type answers to the media as if he had been provoked into not answering questions about cheating on an testùwent on the "Two Live Stews" radio show and said that the mediaáis just trying to get him to stir things up in Buffalo as he did on previous teams. (Insert Dallas and Philly here) "It really just shows you the angle that the media has taken all these years,"ásays Owens. "Over the years, I've always kind of spoken openly about whatever is being asked with my answers, so the last four ...

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