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As it turns out, former Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount caused more damage to himself after he punched Boise State’s Byron Hout square in the jaw last season.

The right cross came in the postgame of Oregon’s season opener loss at Bronco Stadium, and the return of Blount following a suspension in 2008. Once again, Blount would be suspended and ultimately go undrafted.

Looking back at his junior year with the Ducks, Blount displayed running ability after rushing for 17 touchdowns, a single-season school record.

At the same time, Blount displayed character malfunctions after being suspended for “not following team rules” and another for “failing to fulfill team obligations.”

Entering his senior season, early projections had Blount, an ideal 6-foot, 240-pound prospect, having second-round value in April’s draft.

But after the incident, Blount blemished his resume worse to the point where NFL clubs refused to reach for Blount on Draft Day.

Teams considered themselves playing it safe by not calling Blount’s name. It is the Age of Roger Goodell where the NFL is cracking down more than ever on disciplinary issues. The NFL is a business that guys like Blount would seem destined to fail in.

Apparently, Tennessee Titans head coach, Jeff Fisher, thinks differently.

After the Titans traded LenDale White during the draft, Blount met with Fisher and agreed to a contract.

“Basically, Coach Fisher told me that he wants me to be on the active roster so I can play,” Blount told NFL Network during a feature interview as part of the program’s On the Fringe series. “He wants to get me on the field and put the ball in my hands.”

Currently, Blount competes in Tennessee’s busy backfield. Once 2,000-yard man Chris Johnson’s contract dispute is settled, he will take the unquestioned helm of the running back committee.

Behind him on the depth chart sits last year’s All-American draftee, Javon Ringer. The team also came to terms with Stafon Johnson, the undrafted back from USC who is best remembered for his injured neck from a weightlifting accident.

Blount could add a different dimension to the Titans’ running attack. His size could be used in short-yardage situations. Blount could fill the role that White once played on the team.

Of course, before anything, Blount actually has to make the 53-man roster.

On his road to redemption, Blount must pave a new path, one that leaves the ugly past behind, one that never crosses the even uglier blue turf of Boise State.

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