Tampa Bay Buccaneers Condition Now Official: F.U.B.A.R.!

Posted: 24th November 2009 by Tom Edrington in NFL
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It is finally so very evident that One Buccaneer Place is a disaster. Perhaps it fitting to put this one in military jargon. Here are the three stages of confusion: SNAFU: Situation Normal All F@#&*#d Up. TARFU: Things Are Really F@#&*#d Up. FUBAR: F#@*$d Up Beyond All Repair. The DEFCON (Defense Condition) at One Buc Place is now officially FUBAR. You can blame it all on Raheem Morris and Mark Dominic, coach and GM. The OTAs and training camp were wasted. This nonsensical "zone blocking" scheme for the offensive line didn't work. There was a "quarterback derby" between two guys, one is gone (Luke McCown) and one is inactive weekly (Byron Leftwich). They are indicative of the failure to evaluate talent. You know about the Jeff Jagodzinski farce and now Raheem Morris is finally taki ...

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Article written by Tom Edrington

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