Steelers Have Become a First Half Team

Posted: 29th September 2009 by George Kroger in NFL
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Much has been written about the changing personality and image of the Steelers.á They are no longer a smash-mouth, run first team and haven't been in the Mike Tomlin era.á The result is instead of wearing down teams in the fourth quarter, they are the ones that wear down.á The offense has looked strong in the first half of all three games.á The last two, they downright wilted in the fourth quarter. Being a first half team, if they don't execute when given opportunities to score, they can't put teams away.á The result so far is that the games have been close, and it appears that if the Steelers don't have the ball last, they will lose. This attitude/persona is a direct result of the coaching style.á And as much as I'd wish it didn't start with Tomli ...

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