Steelers Band Wagon Is Leaving the Station: If You Want Off, Get Off!

Posted: 1st December 2009 by Nick Signorelli in NFL
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There are two types of Steelers fans.áThose that are the REAL fans, and those that are the bandwagon hoppers. Those that are the real fans, are some times unrealistic. They believe that the Steelers are un-beatable. They believe that no team can even compete with them. They believe that position by position, there is not a team in the NFL that can even come close to matching them. And if the Steelers lose, well, it was someone else's fault. These ARE real fans, because of dedication, and blind love, the Steelers are the only team.á Love them or hate them, they are the real deal. Then there are those other real fans, that can look at the negative, and turn it into a positive. We (and I include myself in this category) can see that there are negatives with the Steelers three game losing st ...

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Article written by Nick Signorelli

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