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Ask the average 49ers fan on the Stairmaster why the team has a disappointing 4-6 record, and the answer you're most likely to get besides "Who the hell are you?" and "You're really bad at small talk," is going to be... A) Jimmy Raye, that dastardly stubborn, old-fashioned offensive coordinator of ours, or B) Alex Smith, whom the team plainly refuses to accept is a bust, or C) Mike Singletary, the very personification of sound and fury signifying nothing, or D) The Offensive Line, who all surely dabble in bullfighting in the off-season, or E) All of the Above. Meanwhile the fellas on the other side of the ball, the defense, continue to tiptoe on by, in "don't mind little ol' us" fashion, smiling their Cheshire cat smiles, perfectly content to be as anonymous as they are subpar. It is assum ...

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