San Francisco 49ers: A Very Very, Moral Victory, Right?

Posted: 25th October 2009 by Brian O'Flaherty in NFL
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This will be a funny week in 49er land. á Everyone will say all the proper things. There will be lots of half-answers and poetry. á No one involved with the 49ers organization will want to speak the truth. They'll say, ôwe played betterö in the second half. They'll say, ôwe executed.ö á But we all know what just happened against the Houston Texans. á Alex Smith went from hopeless, to hopeful; Mike Singletary went from single-minded to spread offense; and Josh Morgan, Vernon Davis, and Michael Crabtree each crawled out of their shells. á They were open. á The line was pass blocking. á The quarterback was seeing the field. á This ôvictoryö was more moral than Mother Teresa, and you would have to be a sightless mole in a dark cave at night to not have noticed it. á á Smith for ...

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