San Diego Chargers Injury Concerns Reason for Excitement

Posted: 4th December 2009 by Paul Preibisius in NFL
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What had initially taken shape as an article triggered by a FoxSports injury report listing Eric Weddle, Luis Castillo, and Shawne Merriman all likely to miss next weekÆs game pondering the recent injury history of San Diego took an unexpected turn.á This year the injuries may mean something different for San Diego, or I should say in not meaning anything they mean a lot (does your head hurt yet?). All teams in all sports face injury problems.á That goes exponentially higher for football teams due to the heavy pounding and massive rosters.á That having been said, from late 2008 to present the volume of man-games lost (especially along the front seven and offensive line) has been above the curve. Traditionally that had been something of an explanation for certain aspects of the team.á ...

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Article written by Paul Preibisius

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