Rob Ryan: Different City, but Still Singing the Same Tune

Posted: 26th December 2009 by Al's Wingman in NFL
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One thing we can always count on is Rob Ryan being a ôshoot from the hipö type of guy.á He will say what he thinks and in his own way, is sort of convincing. In the media conference call as prelude to the Raiders game at Cleveland this Sunday, Ryan was asked if an Al Davis-approved defensive scheme was part of the conditions he worked under during his tenure as Raiders Defensive Coordinator.á ItÆs not like itÆs the first time the question has come up.á In five seasons with the Raiders, there have been more than a few bad defensive performances where he was bombarded with similar questions. At the least, we expected some sort of changes and adjustments to show Ryan was stepping up and fixing what needed to be fixed. It never happened.á Not only did we see the exact same defensive sc ...

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