Rex Grossman’s Dad Defends Jay Cutler

Posted: 17th November 2009 by Jake Perper in NFL
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Former Bears quarterback Rex Grossman is currently the backup to Matt Schaub in Houston, but that doesnÆt mean his father doesnÆt still watch the Chicago Bears. His father Dan quickly defended Jay Cutler and compared it to how Rex was in his time with the Bears. HereÆs what he had to say to the Chicago Tribune: ôItÆs a self-perpetuating problem that is not Jay CutlerÆs fault,ö said Dan Grossman, who played quarterback at Indiana in the Æ60s. ôItÆs not Rex GrossmanÆs fault. ItÆs not Kyle OrtonÆs fault. ItÆs not every other quarterback who has been through that systemÆs fault. ItÆs the fault of the organization for not understanding what a quarterback needs. ôWhatÆs amazing to me is, here we go again with Jay Cutler. He came in and he was going to be the franchise quarterb ...

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Article written by Jake Perper

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