Reid’s Eagles Fielding the Most Perplexing Offense of the Decade

Posted: 19th October 2009 by Bob Cunningham in NFL
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The only thing we really know after this game is that the Raiders are really not as good as the Eagles made them look. Well, that, and there's no way that the Eagles could possibly be as bad as they played against the Raiders.

All in all, this game screams "Aberration!"

This is the NFL, after all, and every team has at least one game where they let down the way the Eagles did. Actually, most teams still win their let-down games. The Eagles, however, always seem to lose those games.

So here's what it comes down to: the play-calling was awful, but the execution of the terrible plays being called was even worse. The line was not blocking, the receivers weren't getting open, and McNabb was having a difficult time hitting an open receiver.

The line play was d ...

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