Ray Lewis Nowhere To Be Found After Ravens’ Loss To Bengals

Posted: 8th November 2009 by David Campbell in NFL
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Ray Lewis loves to talk. Not in a T.O. or a Chad Ochocinco sort of way. No, when Ray-Ray opens his mouth, it comes complete with a four-piece string section and seraphim fluttering about his head. See, Ray Lewis is NFL royalty. HeÆs a media darling. The national media may air every single word a prima donna wide receiver may say, but only so they can crucify them. When it comes to Ray Lewis, the media trip all over themselves like 14-year-old girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. ôCan you imagine how upset Ray Lewis is right now?ö the talking heads asked after BaltimoreÆs recent three-game skid. ôLetÆs take a look at the fantastic Ray Lewis,ö gushed Dick Enberg before the start of SundayÆs game with Cincinnati. ôI can tell you one thing, Ray will not let them lose this game,ö said c ...

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Article written by David Campbell

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