Raiders Tough Guy PR Approach Is Backfiring

Posted: 1st October 2009 by Al's Wingman in NFL
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ôHey you!á Yea, thatÆs right, IÆm talkinÆ to you.á See, IÆm a tough guy.á I get to wear a Raiders shirt, back slap with Al Davis and crack the heads of all youse media types writinÆ nasty tings æbout us heah in Raiders HQö á IsnÆt it funny how John Herrera has made a career of being a shoe shine boy for Al Davis?á á WhatÆs even more funny is the authority this guy is allowed to wield with Raiders activities.á He contacts newspaper editors and tries to get Raiders beat writers fired.á He tries to bar Raiders beat writers from covering the team and even tried to bar a former Raider player turned broadcaster from meetings broadcasters are entitled to attend. á It is easy to speculate Herrera is just a thinly veiled veneer for the real voice of the Raiders, Big Daddy Al Davi ...

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