Raiders-Jets Rivalry Has a Long History

Posted: 21st October 2009 by Al's Wingman in NFL
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The hilarity of the episode canÆt be understated.á It was a playoff game in January 1983. áThe New York Jets were on the road playing the Los Angeles Raiders.á A phone call came through to the Jets locker room at halftime. á Jets head coach Walt Michaels was handed the phone.á The voice on the other end claimed to be Jets owner Leon Hess.á What followed was a tirade, making Michaels feel the heat for his Jets underperforming. á Michaels knew it was a prank, but his anger bubbled over. á "I'm gonna have something special to say about this damn Raider organization," he promised after the call. á Obviously, Walt thought the prank was the work of the Raiders. What he did not know was that the prank was from a New York bar ...

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