Racism in Sports: It’s Time To Change Your Team Name Washington

Posted: 17th September 2009 by Jody Wagner in NFL
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Our nations capital, Washington DC, has an NFL team that uses a racial slur as its team name, Redskins.  First let's look at the dictionary's definition of the term. The Merriam-Webster's Dictionary says:
Redskin - Usually offensive: American Indian It says, "usually offensive."  Our nations capital's football team has a team name that is "usually offensive" according to one of our own very popular dictionaries. Where did "Redskin" originate? The term Redskin began hundreds of years ago, long before a football was even invented. Bounties were placed on Native people.  Bounty hunters would go out and kill as many Native American people as they could find.  They had to be able to prove that they killed as many Natives as they claimed.  They did this by ...

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Article written by Jody Wagner

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