QBER/Week 6: J.C. Superstar Who? All Kyle Orton Does Is Win Games

Posted: 21st October 2009 by Paul Ladewski in NFL
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(QBER is short for Quarterback Efficiency Rating, a more comprehensive, easily understood rating system that I devised to place the emphasis where it belongsùthe ability of a quarterback to advance the ball, avoid negative plays, and score touchdowns in comparison to his peers. A rating of 100.0 is the league average.) It was then Philadelphia Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan who once said ofáaáwide receiveráyears ago, ôLemme tell you, all Cris Carter does is catch touchdown passes.ö Much the same can be said of Kyle Orton, the Denver Broncos quarterback who doesnÆt do much more than win football games. á That the Broncos are off to a 6-0 start rates as one of the surprises of the early season, but maybe it shouldnÆt come as a complete and total shock. In three seasons with the Chica ...

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Article written by Paul Ladewski

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