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Here is why I have a hard time taking sports journalists (I use that term very loosely) seriously. John P. Lopez of Inside the NFL, writes in his blog that the three most disappointing quarterbacks in the NFL are Tony Romo, Jamarcus Russell, and Brady Quinn, "Disappointing QBs contribute to woes in Dallas, Cleveland, and Oakland." For the ten of you that read my blogs, you know I try to put my bias aside and give fair and sometimes funny reads to quench your sports jonz. But this is where it gets difficult. I can't speak for either 1st round QB in the 2007 draft. I never believed in Russell for several reasons. 1) Russell left after his junior season. Historically that doesn't go well for QBs. Now there are some exceptions, Drew Bledsoe and more recently, Benjamin Wardell Roethlisberger.Ã ...

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