Postmortem: The 2009 Detroit Lions

Posted: 3rd January 2010 by Thomas Knapp in NFL
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When you look back on a season this bad, it more feels like an autopsy than a remembrance.á Rather than warm feelings, it's like examining a cold dead corpse. Let's be perfectly honest with ourselves; the Lions really didn't make many strides this season.á They really didn't improve all that much.á The attitude really hasn't changed considerably either.á The line to the IR and the hot tub is still a mile long. The faces in Allen Park are pretty much the same faces that have been there for years. And William Clay Ford Sr. continues to stare down upon the disaster like a dope, grinning in some dementia riddled haze before taking his nap during the second half of the game. 2-14 (even on the heels of 0-16) is still a terrible, awful season with very little good to s ...

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