Plea to The Eagles: Keep Vick On The Leash This Week

Posted: 26th September 2009 by Lou DiPietro in NFL
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ItÆs a proverb we all know: If it ainÆt broke, donÆt fix it. In the Eagles case, it should go something like this: If itÆs broke, wait until itÆs fixed to remodel it. The ôitö of course is the Eagles offense, and the remodel is one Mr. Michael Vick. And as un-patriotic as this might sound to Eagles fans, itÆs my estimation that there is absolutely no reason for Michael Vick to see any action outside of the Wildcat this Sunday. Really, I donÆt think now is the time to unleash him at all. On one hand, yes, the Chiefs' defense is suspect and now might be the best time to start incorporating Vick into the offense. Except, of course, thereÆs one issue: Donovan McNabb isnÆt playing again. McNabb is ôdoubtfulö this week, which is code for ôyeah, weÆre not just going to come out and ...

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Article written by Lou DiPietro

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