Pittsburgh Steelers Lull AFC Into False Sense of Security

Posted: 24th November 2009 by Todd Fleming in NFL
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The abomination at Arrowhead was all part of ôthe plan". So was the loss to the Bengals the week earlier. The Steelers have set out to lull the rest of the AFC playoff field into a false sense of security. Any time now, they will spring their trap. After all, no team can possibly give up four kickoff returns in five weeks, right? That must have been intentional. Maybe the special teams were just itching to set a record. Maybe they were feeling unappreciated since everyone was talking about the defense last year. Well, everyone is talking about them now. A midseason swoon that looked like it was cooked up in the depths of hell worked so well in 2005 that it appears the Steelers have decided to pull a page out of their playbook from that season. Actually, the loss to the Chiefs was not that ...

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Article written by Todd Fleming

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