Philadelphia Eagles: When Bad Coaching Happens to Good Teams

Posted: 9th November 2009 by Alex McVeigh in NFL
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I root for the Philadelphia Eagles twice a year. At Dallas, and against Dallas at home. That's it. So last night, I tuned in hoping that the Philadelphia team that beat up on the New York Giants would show up, and take advantage of a weaker Dallas team. Instead, I watched Wade Phillips out-coach Andy Reid. Let that sink in for a second. How Andy Reid continues to draw paychecks as a professional football coach, is both mind-boggling and awe-inspiring. I mean, most of us watching the game who had played Madden football understand the basics of football. Like, say, that timeouts are a good thing to have in the fourth quarter. Or, perhaps, that a field goal is only worth three points, therefore giving the ball back to the other team down four with no timeouts isn't a good thing. You would thi ...

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Article written by Alex McVeigh

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