Peyton Manning Continues to be Confounded by the 3-4 Defense

Posted: 3rd November 2009 by Justin Javan in NFL
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To be fair to Manning, he doesnÆt always struggle against the 3-4. But if you look at his worst playoff performances, itÆs been against teams that run the 3-4. What is it about the 3-4 that makes it so hard for the Colts offense, and in particular Manning and the offensive line, to be successful against it? To be fair, most quarterbacks struggle against the 3-4, itÆs just a matter of degrees. Manning seems to struggle more than most. Understanding the 3-4 and how it differs From the 4-3: As the name implies, the 3-4 defense is comprised of three defensive lineman and four linebackers. The Linemen: The front three linemen are comprised of a nose guard and two defensive tackles. The nose guard is a huge player, weighing roughly 350 pounds. Not only does he have to be big, he has to be str ...

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