Patriot Wane: What’s Eating Tom Terrific?

Posted: 28th September 2009 by T.J. Donegan in NFL
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Trying to figure out the 2009 New England Patriots is like trying to punch a puddle: not very successful and ultimately, painful. They're an enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a Rubik's cube with the stickers peeled off. As soon as you think you have them pinned down, the next Sunday rolls around and everything changes. In truth, it's been difficult to get a bead on anybody on this team, but Tom Brady may be the hardest man to figure out. He throws frozen ropes for touchdowns, then he misses open receivers. He throws inch-perfect lasers, then he overthrows his man by five feet. He looks off a safety brilliantly, then he stares down his receiver and nearly throws an interception. And we thought Brett Favre was the king of waffling. So far he's managed to guide his team to a 2-1 record, ...

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