Packers-Vikings: One More Time with Brett Favre? Why Not…

Posted: 30th December 2009 by Chris Schei in NFL
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Charles Woodson sat across from Pam Oliver during an interview for the Fox pre-game show, and the inevitable question came up. Would you want another shot at Favre and the Vikings? The Packers were on a roll, getting closer and closer to securing a playoff spot. You could see Woodson's jaw tense up, and if you looked hard enough, I think you could see the smoke coming out of his ears and the foam starting to drip from his mouth. Woodson did his best to laugh, then said he'd like to play them, because he knows to get to where the Packers want to go, they'll have to beat them first. But Woodson and the rest of the Packers know that the defense that the Vikings faced twice was the vanilla 3-4 defense that Woodson complained so openly about. The Packers have gone away from that. The Packers k ...

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Article written by Chris Schei

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