Oakland Raiders Need an Algorithm for Success

Posted: 2nd October 2009 by Damali Binta Yael in NFL
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I know this is not a math problem, but Raider Nation, indeed we have a problem. The Oakalnd Raidersáhave not constructed an algorithm for consistent success. At least, not yet. Here is a definition of the term, algorithm: A step-by-step problem-solving procedure, especially an established, recursive computational procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps. It seems the Oakland Raiders are still searching for the right combination of plays and strategies to secure more victories. The Raiders are still searching for the right structure and process that will guarantee more success. Most fans say or write that the Oakland Raiders have been oscillating, diverging, or just simply struggling for about six years. It just seems like the system has not been working properly. Nevert ...

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Article written by Damali Binta Yael

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