Oakland Raiders And The Blame Game: Cable, Davis or Russell?

Posted: 2nd January 2010 by Raider Card Addict in NFL
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When looking around the media these last few weeks, there has been a lot of blaming going on. A lot of what ifs, if onlys, and a share of maybes, that do nobody any good. If only we pulled JaMarcus Russell. If only we have Gruden back. If only Al Davis fell off the planet. The list goes on. Some blame it on previous events, such as the constant switching of coaches, for limiting the development of players. How do they want to remedy this situation? Of course! Replace the coaches again! The history, or at least the ugly part of it has the Raiders struggling through the last six and a half years. The Raiders would put out a good effort that would fall short, win a random game here or there, and get blown out in other games. Sometimes it was due to the defense falling apart against the run. S ...

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