Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns: Who Will Give Us a Powerful Finale?

Posted: 26th December 2009 by Damali Binta Yael in NFL
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Tensions build up near the end of the season when teams like the Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders need a respectable finish at the end of the season. Data for the last three games in the seasons 2004 through 2008 show an interesting pattern. á The pattern of the wins-losses is shown: á á á á á á á Clevelandáááááááá LLL áááá WLW ááááá LLL áááááá WLW áááá LLW ááááááááááá Oaklandáááááááááá LWW ááá LLLááááááá LLL áááááá LLL ááááááá WLL ááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá 2008ááááá 2007ááááá 2006ááááá 2005ááááá 2004 á In a chart showing the pattern of performance during the last three games of the season during these five consecutive years, we see that C ...

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