Nosce Te Ipsum: Lessons For The Pats So Far

Posted: 6th October 2009 by Mike Gleason in NFL
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One of the most importantùand difficultùtraits to obtain is self-knowledge. Constant and honest re-evaluation of oneself is the key to success. When individuals lack it, they are susceptible to neuroses and delusions. When organizations lack it, they are susceptible to institutional dysfunction. Football teams must constantly evaluate and re-evaluate players, coaches, and opponents. With the incredibly talent gap between any two professional teams, the correct read of a situation can mean the difference between victory and defeat. With that in mind, it seems a reasonable time to examine the Patriots' season thus far with clear, unbiased eyes. What has the team learned? What's worked? What hasn't? á The defense has been surprisingly good. Let's face it, the Pats defense, and especially ...

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Article written by Mike Gleason

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