Nobody Asked Me, But…

Posted: 25th September 2009 by Joseph Sirimarco in NFL
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Well, earlier this year, long-time Pittsburgh sportswriter Bob Smizik officially retired (although he does still blog on the Post-Gazette website).á Say it isn't so, Bob! To whom will we turn to provide irregularly-timed, unsolicited opinions born of biased random thought processes?á Someone must take the mantle of BS.á

Therefore, I shall take it upon myself to restart the engines, so to speak, and I invite any and all to join in at your whim.á So, in honor of (and with apologies to) Bob Smizik:á

Nobody Asked Me, But... Maybe Dan Rooney should kiss the Blarney Stone before every Steelers game this season, to bring the "Luck O' the Irish" to the Black & Gold.á The way things are going so far, we can use all the help we can get.á (Yes, "we", meaning fans included, ...

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