NFL’s Joselio Hanson Suspension Is Nonsense

Posted: 11th November 2009 by Bob Cunningham in NFL
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When is the NFL going to finally just admit that a diuretic in no way improves the performance of a player, and that even the idea of a diuretic being used to mask steroids is a rare occurrence at best?

Well, the short answer is never. The NFL, while a juggernaut that could easily use its size to shape public opinion, constantly seems to be bowing to the court of such opinion.

Because of the circus taking place in the MLB under the incompetent rule of Bud Selig, the word "steroids" has gotten such a negative connotation that the major sports leagues are doing all they can to make sure the word is not even brought up.

Therefore, by banning diuretics that could possibly at some point in time perhaps be used to mask the presence of steroids, the NFL and other sports ...

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