NFL Week 14: My Three Wishes

Posted: 9th December 2009 by Richard O'Hagan in NFL
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á 1. I Wish I Could Believe That the NFL Was Serious about the Whole Concussion Thing á For my money, it is all very well saying that you are tightening the rules on when a player can return to the field after a head injury, imposing independent doctors to assess the risk of further injury and so on. However, until you make players wear a helmet which fits properly, all of this is largely irrelevant. á Letting players take the field with a loose-fitting helmet is, purely and simply, negligent. Even in a high impact sport like football, there is no way that we should be seeing a helmet come flying off a player's head on half a dozen occasions in every game. á Do racing bike riders have the same problem? No, because they wear the correct equipment. á You can't claim to be serious about ...

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