NFL Player Performance: Do Contract Extensions Have an Effect?

Posted: 28th September 2009 by Matt Bertram in NFL
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As of late, many sports fans have questioned the motivating factors of professional athletes.á They have cited huge salaries as the primary culprit for why their idols have lost the passion and love for the game that the iconic sports figures of the past possessed so righteously.á

Fortunately, sports provide us with a unique opportunity to actually measure a playerÆs performance through statistics.á Thus, the question remains: Does a sports starÆs success rise or fall after signing a massive contract extension?á

Three current NFL players will be dissected and analyzed to finally put to rest this age-old argument.

LetÆs start with Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, Carson Palmer.á The former Heisman Trophy winner and longtime veteran signal-caller has been a mode ...

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Article written by Matt Bertram

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