NFL Offseason Trades: Two Trades That Simply Make Sense

Posted: 19th February 2010 by Jack Bloomfield in NFL
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"The Rams should offer the No. 1 pick to the Chargers for Rivers and Antonio Gates." The NFL, more than any other major sports league in North America suffers from what I like to call "Home-team induced stupidity." Every fan in the country seems to think that his team's side of a trade proposal is far more valuable than anyone with half an ounce of common sense should. However, if you try to tell said fan that his trade idea is completely unbalanced, you get 500 reasons why trading Jake Delhomme straight up for Donovan McNabb is a great move for both franchises. In the spirit of this, I have decided to concoct various trade proposals that both make sense, and are balanced in terms of value on both sides. Of course not every trade can be 100 percent balanced, but I truly believe some of the ...

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