NFL (Nancy Football League): Why Football Isn’t As Fun To Watch Anymore

Posted: 13th November 2009 by Adithya Ramaswamy in NFL
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I love Troy Polamalu. Brian Dawkins and Hines Ward, too. I love the way that these players play the game: In a tough, gritty, and never-stop-fighting, never-start-caringáattitude. And in recent years, I have come to see these players as the gods of football. You know why? It's because of what football has morphed into. About a year back, Mr. Polamalu, generallyáa rather soft-spoken guy, had this to say about the evolution of America's Game: "I think regarding the evolution of football, itÆs becoming more and more flag football, two-hand touch. WeÆve really lost the essence of what real American football is about. I think itÆs probably all about money. TheyÆre not really concerned about safety. It just loses so much of its essence when it becomes like a pansy game. When you see guy ...

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Article written by Adithya Ramaswamy

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