NFL Debate: The Death of Ranks and Listing?

Posted: 22nd October 2009 by Eddie Fiasco in NFL
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(Will AD be the best ever ?) Aren't you just a little bit sick of all these Top 10 Quarterbacks lists? The audacity some writers out there have, to place Bart Starr above Brett Favre in an all-time ranking, or to take their weak attempt at ordering Walter Payton, Jim Brown, and Barry Sanders. Think about it. Stats aside, who is the best receiver in the NFL right now ? Who is the best (stats aside, again) of all-time? If the numbers are truly being ignored, are you still painting a vivid picture of Jerry Rice? Or are you thinking about Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, Steve Largent, or Don Huston? You can rack your brain with any of these lists, any of these players, and come to a thousand different conclusions on who end sup at your "number one" slot in the end. In fact, here's a challenge for ...

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