NFL: 11 Random Thoughts From Week One

Posted: 15th September 2009 by Mike Carley in NFL
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After one of the most exciting Week 1's in recent memory, I thought I would compile a list of random musings from the first week of competition.  Enjoy.   1. Is it just me, or are the Miles Austin/Adrian Peterson/Mario Manningham touchdown runs signs that tackling technique among DBs is more of a dying art than the midrange jumper?
2. How long before Ochocinco or Cedric Benson pulls a gun out of his pads mid-run and goes “Beginning of The Last Boyscout” on the opposing defense?  On a lighter note, “Child Please” is easily the second-most gangster thing to say to somebody before you pop a cap in their heiney behind Samuel L. Jackson’s diatribe from Pulp Fiction. "Child Please..." BLAOW! "And rem ...

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