New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Win Still Refreshing

Posted: 7th April 2010 by Zeke Fuhrman in NFL
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As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I never thought I’d see the day I’d be writing an article like this.

After the ESPN classic-bound 2009 NFC Championship game between my Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints, pure resentment towards the Saints franchise filled my body.

After they beat the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV, “RB” Reggie Bush made the comment, “I always knew I’d get a Super Bowl ring. But I didn’t think it would take me this long.”

Bush’s arrogant comments didn’t help my dislike for the team. After all, I used to love the Saints. I have a Fred Thomas magnet on my fridge. I wore Ricky Williams’ number 34 in my sports.

My family teased me when their Minnesota Vikings beat my New Orleans Saints on December 13, 2001. Daunte Culpepper ran in a two-point conversion as time expired for a 32-31 Vikings victory.

You couldn’t call me a bandwagon jumper, I first liked the Saints in 1999, when they were 3-13. Back then, there was plenty of room on the Saints’ bandwagon.

This morning, an epiphany hit me. Things could be a lot worse. The Indianapolis Colts could have won the Super Bowl.

I mean, why shouldn’t they have? The Colts have been one of the more dominant teams of the decade, making the playoffs ten of the last 11 seasons.

As of this morning, the current title holders in America’s major sports are the MLB’s New York Yankees (27 titles, most in league history), the NBA’s  Los Angeles Lakers (15 titles, second most in league history), the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins (3 Stanley Cups, The city of Pittsburgh has 11 titles since 1971 and 13 overall), NCAA Football’s Alabama Crimson Tide (13 national titles) NCAA Men’s Hoops’ Duke Blue Devils (Four titles, .809 winning percentage under Mike Krzyzewski), and NCAA Woman’s Hoops’ Connecticut Huskies (7 titles in 15 seasons, currently riding 78 game winning streak).

In a parody-less world, the powerhouse programs and franchises have all added hardware to their already massive trophy cases.

In a country that loves Cinderella stories, there certainly haven’t been many this year, with the exception of the Saints (if you can call them a Cinderella. They were, after all, the number one seed in the NFC playoffs) Butler was two inches shy of beating Duke in the NCAA Tournament, but that is really as close as we have come.

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