New England Patriots Workmanlike in Win over Baltimore Ravens

Posted: 5th October 2009 by Ben Carder in NFL
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Anyone who watches a Patriots postgame press conference knows that memorable quotes are hard to come by.á TheyÆre the typical, ôWe need to play better,ö or the ôThat was a solid performanceö stuff; in other words, lines that do little to illustrate how the Pats played.á But every once in a while, you get a game thatÆs so workmanlike in its execution, trite lines work just fine.á Such was the case in New EnglandÆs 27-21 victory over the Baltimore Ravens yesterday, a team that came in sporting a 3-0 record, the second best offense in the league, and a defense Bill Belichick describes as the best of the past decade.á Thanks to improved, workmanlike play in all three of the PatriotsÆ game yesterday, the Ravens left Gillette a pedestrian 3-1 (i.e., with six teams sporting a 3-1 reco ...

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