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Make no mistake about it. The SeahawksÆ sudden ôflirtationö with Mike Holmgren was all about spin. With so many people clamoring for the Hawks to ôreturn to their glory daysö by bringing back the only coach to ever take them to the Super Bowl, the Hawks just wanted their fans to think they truly considered doing it. So they carried out this sham of an interview, extending Holmgren an offer they knew he wouldnÆt take. And they know Holmgren is too professional to show his disappointment or publicly reveal what he thinks of the offerùwhether it provided too little power or too little money or both. Holmgren has to be disappointed; Seattle was obviously where he wanted to be. But the Seahawks can now move on satisfied that they have put out the PR fire that was beginning to flare up. S ...

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Article written by Chris Cluff

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