Memo To Appleton, Wisconsin Sports Writer: Quit Your Day Job

Posted: 16th October 2009 by Michael Schottey in NFL
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Dear Tim Froberg, To paraphrase "Officer and a Gentleman," only two things come from Appleton, Wisconsin, and I don't see any horns on you boy. Readers, I've been to Appleton. I know a thing or two about northern Wisconsin. Actually, there are really only two things to know. It will take you at least 45 minutes to drive anywhere you want to go.
It makes you long for the "big city" life of Milwaukee.
To put it mildly, Wisconsin isn't like Michigan, with several large size towns. There is Milwaukee, and then there is the rest of the state. Sure, Madison is a fine town if you enjoy Natty Light and chlamydia, but other than that, you're better off stopping in Chicago or driving right on through. So Appleton, whose favorite son, Rocky Bleier, played football for the Steelers, isn' ...

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