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OK, I get itùthis kid, Matthew Stafford, is tough. So I wish the Lions would quit forcing him to prove it every week. Actually, itÆs the LionsÆ offensive lineùfeel free to put the accent on the second syllableùthatÆs putting QB Stafford in peril every Sunday. Just as I feared, way back in training camp. Stafford winced and grimaced and grunted and groaned his way through another football game yesterday, picking himself off the turf in Cincinnati slower than molasses running uphill at times. ItÆs his non-throwing shoulder that is a mess, with the emphasis being on ônon-throwing.ö In football, if whatÆs hurting you isnÆt threatening your lifeùor keeping you from throwing the ballù youÆre expected to be out there. But Stafford has proven himself. Now itÆs time to think about ge ...

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Article written by Greg Eno

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