Louis Murphy: It Sure Looked Like A Catch To Me

Posted: 18th September 2009 by Sixty Feet, Six Inches in NFL
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I hate to feed fans of the Oakland Raiders anything. This is a franchise whose fanbase is already convinced that there's some mass conspiracy in the NFL officiating booths to screw the Raiders over every game. Why? I don't know. What reason would NFL refs have to hate the Raiders? Did Al Davis just take a dump in all of their hats one day? Regardless, there's this perception of the Raiders not actually being a bad team, but getting screwed by the refs every week.

That said, I don't see how Murphy didn't catch that ball

Even as I listen to Mike Pereira explain why it was an incompletion, I don't get it. Not the rule. I get the rule. I just don't get how Murphy didn't do everything Pereira says he has to.

The way that play looked to me, Murphy caught the ball ...

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