Ladell Betts: Overrated Or Over-Hated?

Posted: 10th September 2009 by Dan Stalcup in NFL
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Redskins pre-season talk has focused on Marcus Mason and Anthony Aldridge, both of whom fought an uphill battle trying to make the Redskins final roster; Mason, after three years, finally secured an unlikely spot despite concerns he's too same-ish to the other tailbacks on the team. Discussion has also centered around Clinton Portis because of concern that he's on his last legs and because, well, he's Clinton Portis. He's the face of the franchise. Finally, a few people have been wondering if Rock Cartwright is really worth a spot on the roster just for being in the top half of the NFL in return yards when he doesn't do much on offense. He's a role model and work ethic leader, so he was a lock to make the team. But what about that other tailback on the roster, No. 2 tailback Ladell Betts? ...

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