Just Saying, Is All… | Michael Vick’s Darkest Secret

Posted: 1st October 2009 by Ryan Alberti in NFL
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How much insight is too much insight? Michael Vick is an infamous quarterback. HeÆs also a popular talking point. In the wake of VickÆs return with the Philadelphia Eagles, the blogosphere is brimming with polemics and apologiesùwhich would be happier news if quantity were even loosely correlated to quality. Curiosity means learning as much as you can. Intelligence, on the other hand, means learning as much as you should. IÆm not suggesting that the Vick story is unimportant. We read because we care, and the demand for nonstop Vick coverage speaks volumes about our collective values. But more commentary isnÆt necessarily better commentary. In a media market where the consumer is always right, thereÆs no critic who gets paid to tell us when weÆve all got it wrong. Knowledge is power. ...

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Article written by Ryan Alberti

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