Josh McDaniels “Zwah’s” The Media, Shaun Phillips, and Ryan Clark

Posted: 29th November 2009 by Sayre Bedinger in NFL
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On ABC's hit television show ôScrubsö there is a very colorful character named Ed, an intern who is known for his laziness and timely humor.á In the show, Ed makes popular the verb "zwah,ö which according to Urban Dictionary is defined as "a word that you yell only when someone has been completely owned."

We will come back to that.

Josh McDaniels has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, and he finally set the record straight.

The first incident was that he allegedly shouted at San Diego Chargers' linebacker Shaun Phillips, a player known for running his mouth constantly, yelling, "We own you" at him.á McDaniels was apologetic, and a little frustrated by the accusations, also saying that Phillips was one who should also be at fault.

"I ...

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