Jets-Raiders: Do The Oakland Raiders Have Pride?

Posted: 25th October 2009 by David Xaviel is Mr. X in NFL
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That is about the extent of the quesion: Do the Oakland Raiders have pride? Do they care about anything more than just getting paid and the excesses of playing in the NFL?á Doáplayers care that loyal, proud fans stick with their team and support them financially?á Born fans that stick with their teamárather than be scared away by losses or getábeaten down by critics and opposing fans?á Do the players care?á Do they have pride in themselves?á It doesn't seem like it. Take QB JaMarcus Russell. Here is the conundrum.á Why should I defend a black quarterback who clearly has no pride? I have been a defender of JaMarcus Russell because I believed that many of his critics were just uncomfortable with the idea of a black quarterback. M ...

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