Jay Cutler: Diagnosing What’s Wrong with the Bears QB

Posted: 15th December 2009 by Scott Ottersen in NFL
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At this point, all speculation is welcome. Mine has no foundation.á No scientific evidence.á No doctor's expertise. But, I have noticed something Cutler does that I have the same tendency to do, and if he is in the same situation I am in, then he may have comfort issues while playing. If you watch him closely throughout the game, you will notice that he does this weird twitch with his right shoulder. He will do it coming out of the huddle, while standing on the sideline, and I have even seen him do it in an on-the-field interview one time. It almost looks as if he has an involuntary spasm going on with his throwing shoulder.á Obviously, any sort of discomfort a quarterback feels in his throwing shoulder may cause him to lose velocity, accuracy, or just throw a downright bad ball. I have ...

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Article written by Scott Ottersen

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